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Why I believe active management will beat indexing going forward

Jason DeSena Trennert, managing partner at Strategas Research Partners explains why he thinks active management will beat indexing going forward.

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Preparing for a long period of low interest rates

Now that the Fed has ended its quantitative easing program, the next question is, “When will interest rates begin to rise?” As we discuss in this article, it may not be as soon as you think.

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Investing in a world of heightened geopolitical uncertainty

As geopolitical uncertainty abounds, we examined how markets have reacted to such events in the past. The results might surprise you.

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Strategies for more-effective year-end giving

The end of the year is a common time for charitable giving. When thoughtfully planned, such contributions can also help to significantly lower one’s tax bill.

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A day in the life of a Capital Group analyst

Equity analyst Brian Kennedy reveals how we put the power of research to work in today’s complex investment markets.