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Finding the financial sweet spot for long-term care insurance

When considering whether to purchase long-term care insurance, it’s essential to use a solutions-based approach in order to improve the probability of meeting one’s financial objectives.

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Summer 2014 Quarterly Insights

The latest issue of Quarterly Insights reveals how mobile devices are increasing global Internet connectivity, explains and illustrates the "razor blade" business model, and provides guidance to those facing financial uncertainty related to a divorce.

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Maximizing your social security benefits with an individualized strategy

The question of when to begin taking social security benefits is one every individual will ultimately face. In this article, we present some strategies for maximizing your benefits, some of which may go against so-called conventional wisdom. 

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Get the latest perspectives from Capital Group's team of global analysts

Take a behind-the-scenes look at our investment research process and discover which themes our analysts are focused on as they span the globe to find the best investment opportunities for our clients.

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The current state of affairs for the municipal market

With many high-profile state and local governments facing severe financial challenges, Capital Group Private Client Services bond portfolio manager John Queen assesses the current outlook for municipal bond investing.