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Remembering Jim Rothenberg and Welcoming Capital Group’s New Chairman

We are deeply saddened to announce the passing of our dear friend and colleague, Jim Rothenberg. As part of a planned leadership succession plan, the firm has appointed Tim Armour, a Capital Group veteran, as the organization’s new Chairman.

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The Secrets to Raising Unspoiled Children

In this interview, New York Times columnist Ron Lieber discusses the challenges of talking about money with your kids and raising them to be more grounded, generous and financially savvy.

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Thoughts on the Debt Crisis in Greece

Greece struck a tentative deal with its creditors on a new financial bailout package, but long-term questions remain about the country’s economic prospects and future in the euro currency. These comments offer late-breaking observations on the situation from Capital Group's global investment team.

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Update on the Puerto Rican Debt Crisis

As the territory’s financial condition deteriorates, investors are left wondering how that may impact the government’s ability to make good on its debt. Here are some thoughts along with insights from one of our fixed-income portfolio managers.

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The impact of rising rates on one's bond allocation

If the Federal Reserve starts to raise short-term interest rates this year, should that change one’s overall bond allocation? Fixed-income portfolio manager John Queen offers his perspective.