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Commercial mortgage-backed bonds benefit from a strong rental market

As apartment vacancy rates continue to drop, investors in certain fixed-income instruments are benefiting from a reliable stream of income.

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Opportunities abound as the web extends its reach around the world

Well over half the world’s population has yet to go online. As more people log on to the Internet, a number of companies stand to benefit.

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Thinking like a freak to make better decisions

In his new book, Think Like a Freak, economist Steven Levitt sets out a plan for having a more productive, creative and rational mind-set about a myriad of everyday situations. In an exclusive interview for our Quarterly Insights publication, he discussed the importance of thinking about philanthropy in a different way. 

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Navigating the financial uncertainties of divorce

Although divorce is an event no one wants to plan for, it can happen to anyone. Our goal is to empower clients in the midst of divorce with effective planning and the power to make decisions that support a secure financial future.

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Global analysts

Capital Group has equity and fixed-income analysts in all corners of the globe looking for the best investment opportunities for our clients. In this video, members of our research team discuss the work they do and reveal some of the key themes at work in client portfolios right now.