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10 Observations About the Current Market Environment

Global equity portfolio manager Ted Samuels offers his perspectives on recent market volatility and offers strategies for putting present events into context.

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Finding Greater Happiness Through Forming the Right Habits

In this interview, bestselling author Gretchen Rubin discusses how mastering good habits can lead to a happier life.

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The Gaming Industry is Poised for Recovery Despite Recent Challenges

Following a weak patch, the gaming industry in Macau and Las Vegas seems poised for a  strong recovery. Here's why.

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Assessing the Impact of China’s Currency Devaluation

China's decision to devalue its currency has created both uncertainly and volatility across the global financial markets. Here's our take on the potential impact and opportunities created by this action.

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The impact of rising rates on one's bond allocation

If the Federal Reserve starts to raise short-term interest rates this year, should that change one’s overall bond allocation? Fixed-income portfolio manager John Queen offers his perspective.