Navigating the financial uncertainties of divorce

Although divorce is an event no one wants to plan for, it can happen to anyone. Our goal is to empower clients in the midst of divorce with effective planning and the power to make decisions that support a secure financial future.

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From jet engines to apps - companies are finding new ways to create recurring revenue

Companies with built-in demand have the potential to remain more stable in all economic environments, and ride out periods of portfolio volatility. In this article, we look at why this “razor blade” model can be so effective for investors.

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The active advantage can help investors pursue better outcomes

Much has been written in the media about the topic of active management vs. indexing. While it’s true that active managers as a whole only beat their benchmark about 50% of the time, as the research in this report shows, our services have done it 100% of the time over the last two decades.

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Our thoughts on recent stock market volatility

Following such a remarkably steady rise for developed world stocks in recent years, it's no surprise to see periods of profit taking in the market. Global equity portfolio manager Greg Fuss discusses recent volatility and shares what he expects to see going forward.

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Quarterly Commentary

Q2 2014

Click here to read the Summer 2014 issue of Quarterly Insights which reveals how mobile devices are increasing global Internet connectivity, explains and illustrates the "razor blade" business model, and provides guidance to those facing financial uncertainty related to a divorce.