The 2013 Capital Group Private Client Services Roundtable

The members of our investment team gathered at the beginning of the year for an engaging discussion about such topics as which asset classes look most attractive right now, how ongoing fiscal cliff negotiations may play out and where they are finding the most compelling opportunities for client portfolios.

Below are video excerpts from this wide-ranging conversation. You can also download the entire Roundtable publication by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.

Do stocks remain compelling following the recent run-up?

Given the significant rise in stock values over the past 10 years, portfolio manager Ted Samuels discusses whether he's still finding good values in the equity markets today.

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Are bonds still attractive despite today's low rates?

With interest rates at such low levels, does it still make sense to own fixed-income securities right now? Capital Group Private Client Services fixed-income manager David Hoag gives his perspectives.

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Thoughts on the current outlook for the Eurozone

News regarding the fiscal crisis in Europe has subsided in recent months, so does that mean everything is back to normal? Global portfolio manager Gerald Du Manoir offers his views.

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How higher tax rates might impact the investment markets

With upper-income earners facing the greatest tax hike in two decades, portfolio manager Ted Samuels talks about the potential implications for the investment markets.

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What will happen when the stream of Federal Reserve stimulus comes to an end?

The Federal Reserve has been a major contributor to keeping interest rates low through its aggressive fixed-income purchasing program. Bond manager John Queen contemplates the potential impact once this stream of cash stops flowing so freely.

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Key macroeconomic issues for 2013

As we look ahead to the coming year, Capital Group Private Client Services chairman and portfolio manager Shelby Notkin outlines what he perceives to be the key issues facing investors.

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Investing in an environment with so much uncertainty

With all of the unresolved political and macroeconomic issues out there, how are investors supposed to make an informed decision about where to put their money? Portfolio manager Todd James offers some suggestions.

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