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One of the most effective ways to extend your wishes, values and aspirations far into the future is through a carefully planned and executed trust. With proper estate planning, you can maintain your current lifestyle, while establishing your family’s legacy, supporting a charity, protecting important assets and minimizing estate taxes.

A trust is simply an arrangement used to transfer property to a trusted reliable third party (known as a trustee) for the benefit of others.

Selecting the right trustee to administer your assets is one of the most important aspects of the estate planning process. After all, your trustee is charged with carrying out your wishes after you can no longer do so yourself.

It is therefore critical to choose a trustee you can depend on, with the experience and expertise to get the job done.

Capital Group Private Client Services was formed more than 35 years ago specifically to serve as trustee for senior executives of our parent organization, The Capital Group Companies. We’ve since opened our doors to a broader group of clients, but we maintain the same level of uncompromised integrity and highly personalized service for every relationship.

Our Trust Relationship Specialists are steadfastly focused on carrying out a client’s wishes exactly as they intended. We take pride in being a trusted fiduciary that you can count on to take excellent care of your beneficiaries for the entire life of the trust—be it for years or decades to come.

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An experienced trustee with impeccable investment credentials

Discover what sets Capital Group Private Client Services apart from other firms in the trust business.